Fresh Produce

Photo of Strawberries 250g

Strawberries 250g

$6.99 each

Photo of Apples Pink Lady

Apples Pink Lady

$4.90 per kg

Photo of Capsicum Red

Capsicum Red

$10.90 per kg

Photo of Baby Spinach

Baby Spinach

$18.00 per kg

Photo of Corn P/P

Corn P/​P

$4.99 each

Photo of Grapes Green Seedless

Grapes Green Seedless

$5.99 per kg

Photo of Peach Yellow

Peach Yellow

$7.99 per kg

Photo of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

$2.99 per kg

Photo of Avocado


$1.20 each

Save 10c
Photo of Carrots


$2.20 per kg

Photo of Grapes Red Seedless Usa Pre Pack

Grapes Red Seedless Usa Pre Pack

$5.00 per kg

Save 99c
Photo of Potatoes Brushed

Potatoes Brushed

$2.99 per kg

Photo of Tomatoes


~ $0.69 each ($6.99 per kg)

Photo of White Peach

White Peach

$4.90 per kg

Photo of Zucchini Green

Zucchini Green

$4.00 per kg

Save $2.90
Photo of Beans Green

Beans Green

$15.99 per kg

Photo of Broccoli


$7.99 per kg

Photo of Cabbage Red Whole

Cabbage Red Whole

$6.50 each

Photo of Cucumbers Lebanese

Cucumbers Lebanese

$6.90 per kg

Photo of Mushrooms Cup

Mushrooms Cup

$9.99 per kg

Photo of Mushrooms Sliced Punnet 200gm

Mushrooms Sliced Punnet 200gm

$4.99 each

Photo of Pumpkin Kent

Pumpkin Kent

$1.88 per kg

Photo of Shallots Bunch

Shallots Bunch

$2.99 each

Photo of Watermelon Seedless Cut

Watermelon Seedless Cut

$1.50 per kg

Photo of Apples Granny Smith

Apples Granny Smith

$4.90 per kg

Photo of Asparagus Bunch

Asparagus Bunch

$2.00 each

Photo of Baby Cucumber

Baby Cucumber

$2.99 each

Photo of Bananas


$3.90 per kg

Photo of Blueberries 125g

Blueberries 125g

$6.99 each

Photo of Cabbage Red Half

Cabbage Red Half

$2.50 each

Photo of Cabbage Savoy Half

Cabbage Savoy Half

$2.99 each

Photo of Cabbage Savoy Whole

Cabbage Savoy Whole

$6.50 each

Photo of Carrots Pack 1kg

Carrots Pack 1kg

$1.50 each ($1.50 per kg)

Photo of Celery Whole

Celery Whole

$3.99 each

Photo of Chat Potatoes

Chat Potatoes

$2.99 per kg

Photo of Cherry Tomato Medley Mix 250g

Cherry Tomato Medley Mix 250g

$3.90 each

Photo of Cucumbers Continental

Cucumbers Continental

$3.99 each

Photo of Kiwifruit Green

Kiwifruit Green

$1.30 each

Photo of Lettuce Cos

Lettuce Cos

$4.99 each

Photo of Lettuce Iceberg

Lettuce Iceberg

$5.50 each

Photo of Limes


$0.69 each

Photo of Onions Brown

Onions Brown

$2.00 per kg

Save 99c
Photo of Onions Red

Onions Red

$3.50 per kg

Photo of Potatoes Brushed P/P 5kg

Potatoes Brushed P/​P 5kg

$4.00 each

Save $1.99
Photo of Potatoes Wash 2.5kg

Potatoes Wash 2.​5kg

$4.00 each

Photo of Pumpkin Butternut Half

Pumpkin Butternut Half

$3.48 per kg

Photo of Raspberries 125g Perfection

Raspberries 125g Perfection

$6.99 each

Photo of Apple Rockit

Apple Rockit

$9.99 per kg

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